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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  August 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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three different shootings five blocks apart. details of the violent night in harlem that left a 61-year-old woman dead. a family tragedy unfolds in queens. a woman goes to court this morning to face charges for the murder of her 9-year-old stepdaughter. and ryan lochte speaks out. y blaming himself for the robbery scandal in brazil. cbs2 news sunday morning starts right now. good morning. 6:00 a.m. sunday, august 21, i'm cindy hsu. >> i'm andrea grymes. the top stories are straight ahead. first a look at the forecast. good morning. we saw some rain. expecting to see more rain and more widespread as the head
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showers and thunderstorms are likely today. so let's take a look at the temperatures right now. 77 degrees in central park. sixty-eight in monticello. and 74 in belmar and the hamptons. taking a look at the vortex satellite and radar, you can see activity offshore making its way on shore. so we have seen some showers this morning. as we look to the west, more significant activity. this is in connection with the front will be pushing its way across the area. so that is where the showers and thunderstorms will come from. here is the hour by hour forecast. the high today, 84. another warm and humid day. it will feel like 89 degrees. the instability along with a passing cold front means showers and thunderstorms are likely as the head into the afternoon and evening hours. but behind it, much nicer weather. the details in the full forecast coming up.
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in harlem turned deadly. police are investigating multiple shootings in just a few hours. >> at least one person is dead. magdalena doris joins us live from harlem with the latest. >> reporter: sources say the woman who was killed was in her 60s, and innocent bystander that fell victim to the violence in harlem overnight. now police are looking for at least three gunmen. and the crime sces police are investigating three separate shootings. overnight officers monitored the scene at 139th street police using cups and bottles to mark bullet casings surrounding a parked car. nobody was hurt at this scene. two blocks away on 142, two men were shot in the leg. that was at 1:45 a.m. this morning. police say a 24-year-old was
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a second victim arrived at the hospital on his own a short time later. two hours earlier at 1:44, a 61- year-old woman was shot in the neck and killed. but sources say the victim sims, was an innocent bystander gun down on the corner of -- at 11:45 p.m. saturday night. police do not believe any of the shootings are related. now they are searching for at least three armed suspects that broke out overnight here in harlem. magdalena doors, cbs2 news. a queens woman accused of strangling her stepdaughter will appear in court on a second-degree murder charge today. 55-year-old shamdai arjun was let out of a police station in handcuffs yesterday. police say 9-year-old ashdeep kaur was found naked and bruised in the bathtub of her richmond hill apartment friday. police have not released a motive.
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an investigation underway on long island after a grizzly find in suffolk county. a man riding his bicycle in the woods on expressed drive found a human skull yesterday. he called police to say the remains had been there for an extended period and have yet to be positively identified. the suffolk county medical examiner is set to determine the cause of death by an autopsy. police released the name of the second victim in the deadly bus collision. forty-nine-year-old jesy garcia o passengers taken to university hospital right after friday's crash. she died several hours later. a friend of the family described her as a hard-working woman who was very devoted to family. >> she was a good mother. she was a phenomenal grandmother. and anyone that knew her -- anyone that knew her knew that she was absolutely crazy about her grandkids.
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more than a dozen passengers are still recovering. investigators are still trying to determine what caused the crash. police are urging food delivery workers to be on alert in brooklyn after a series of violent robberies. investigators released these images of the suspect. police say up to four men have been targeting the worker since last month and have struck at least seven times. the nypd says the delivery workers have reported having cash, cell phones and food violent confrontations. one of the workers says they were sprayed in the face with an unknown chemical before being robbed. no arrests have been made. and a new interview, olympic swimmer ryan lochte is finally addressing the scandal that erupted in rio after a gas station confrontation that ultimately landed them in hot water. as cbs2's steve overmyer reports, ryan lochte is taking full responsibility for his actions.
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lochte spoke to nbc's matt lauer in his first interview since he and james feigen along with jack conger and gunnar bentz allegedly vandalized a gas station and got into an altercation with security guards. the four initially told police they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. however three of the swimmers eventually confessed to police are feeling the story was alive. ryan lochte says it is all his fault. >> i over exaggerated the story. if i have never done that, we would not be in this mess. >> witness to the chaos. and man who says he stopped for gas and saw a security guard resting his hand on a holstered gun realizing things could get out of control. he then stepped in to translate. he says the trouble started as a four swimmers tried to leave without paying for the damage and the security guards would not let them. >> and they started saying, no police. not to call the police. later i knew why. they did not want to call the police because they were
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left. ryan lochte still stands by his claims that they are the victims. >> there was a gun pointed in our direction. we were frightened. >> but this man says he never saw the security guard draw his gun. >> there was no aggression. they did not point a gun at them. there was nothing like that. >> the international olympic committee has set up a disciplinary condition to set it -- to investigate the incident. it will determine if the swimmers should be punished. a disturbing discovery on >> i was to the crime scene first. >> a body is found at a popular park. hear from a man who made the gruesome find and why police are ruling in a homicide. dozens killed when a bomb explodes during a wedding in turkey. it is the second in just two days. officials -- who officials say is responsible. a baby reunited with her mother after being trapped on a boat for more than an hour.
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child's life. first elise finch with a check of the forecast. >> starting out dry in most locations. we will see showers and thunderstorms before the end of the day is a cold front moves across the area. those details coming up in the full forecast. first a check of the community calendar from cbs2 and cbsnew
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facebook and twitter. you can join our conversations on york you can also tweet us at cbs new york. the turkey president is blaming isis for a suicide bombing at an outdoor wedding that left 50 people dead and 95 others injured. government officials called the blast at the wedding hall a barbaric terror attack. no group has claimed responsibility. the country has been rocked by a wave of attacks over the past week. the bombing also comes as a country is still coup. in campaign 2016, presidential hopeful donald trump and hillary clinton both held events yesterday. trump spent his morning in new york at a roundtable immigration discussion with hispanic leaders. the leaders from 12 states will serve as advisors to the campaign forming the new national has to -- hispanic advisory council for trump. the republican presidential nominee called it a game changing events. a recent poll shows clinton leads trump all among hispanics by 48 points.
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in nantucket, massachusetts for a series of private fundraisers. today she is expected to campaign with singer cher and tomorrow she will have an event with magic johnson. ager medic rescue in florida after a toddler went missing during a boating accident. a family of four was out on their boat on the indian river about 45 miles east of orlando when the vessel crashed and overturned. crews rushed to the scene after several 911 calls. the adult and an infa but police and a good samaritan spent nearly one hour trying to find the toddler. it turned out she was underneath the overturned boat staying afloat thanks to a light jacket and a small air package. >> we know she is under there. we were not sure where. it was a very time-consuming process. i went under, came back, sweeping my hand across trying to find inside the boat to locate the child. >> paramedics said the child
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a hospital anyway. no word yet on what caused the accident. heavy rain leaves -- leads to a bathing ban. to see if you're beach is affected, the to our upset, cbsnew >> this is what it looked like and suffolk county as drivers tried to navigate streets. there were downpours in manhattan but that did not stop people from running and biking there is more rain on the way today. >> likely i was home yesterday. but all of a sudden, started raining sideways. these are the pop-up showers. >> many people out in the rain. elise finch is here with a look at the forecast today. and a better chance of rain today. >> there were a lot of locations yesterday that did not see any rain.
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there, i guess there is no choice but to run back. only way to get home. we did see rain in the city yesterday. we also saw a rain across a good portion of long island. today we're expecting to see rain for the entire tri-state area as a cold front moves through. it also could be heavier for some locations. let's take a live look outside. things looking good this morning. a little bit of cloud cover always makes for a pretty sunrise. mostly cloudy. d here are your headlines. isolated showers early this morning. gusty afternoon and evening thunderstorms. and then behind that, some refreshing weather and lower temperatures. also lower humidity. there is something we have not been able to say in a while. here is the temperature trend. 88 degrees friday. yesterday, with the rain, only made it up to 83 degrees. expecting another upper 80s degree day. with that rain rainy -- rainy
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tomorrow, behind the cold front , temperatures are normal. 82 degrees. lower than normal on tuesday. and begin with the dry air mass in place, it should feel very nice. monday, tuesday and wednesday shaping up to be nice days. the uv, high. burn time is 20 minutes. pollen is 7.3. so medium, too high. the air quality is moderate. fifty-four -- a better number then we have seen the past here is the vortex satellite and radar. we had detected early showers. you can make that out on the radar. the main event, is still well off to the west. and all of this is in association with a cold front. here is the front. showers and thunderstorms associated with that cool front. still tapping into that very warm and humid air mass. that is what we will deal with today. lower temperatures -- not in
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and of course the showers and thunderstorms moved through. here are the morning showers. and then we get a little bit of a break still with cloud cover. then we start to see more significant showers and possibly thunderstorms moving in around 4:00, 5:00. and the front slowly working across the tri-state area. still with us after midnight. long island dealing with some of that. then by the time most people head out to work monday, all done. the cool front is we're taking most of that humidity with it. for today, warm and muggy. 84 degrees. expecting showers and thunderstorms. tonight, 68 degrees. looking at the early thunderstorms. then we start to see clearing overnight from west to east. and long island will be the last to clear out. tomorrow, bright sunshine, decreased humidity, 82 degrees, which is exactly where we should be. so a day where temperatures are
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tuesday, 80 degrees. even cooler. and then wednesday, 85. still a beautiful day. eightys on thursday. temperatures start to rise. then we start to reintroduce some of that humidity. looking for showers and possible thunderstorms friday. monday, tuesday and wednesday, a nice run of cooler dry air. >> very nice. thank you. it is 6:17 a.m. a change to the taxi test. what cabbies are no longer required to know and how it could affect your rent -- your next ride. a celebration for one of america's favorite panda bears. this is cbs2 news sunday
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look at this spectacular live shot outside. 6:19 a.m. 77 degrees. looks like a postcard. a live look at the sunday morning. things are waking up with us here on cbs2. bei bei, the giant panda cub is celebrating his one year birthday in washington. he enjoyed a special frozen fruitcake prepared by the staff yesterday. looks like he is enjoying it. first the first lady of china sent their best wishes to the bear cub. the two first lady's help to named the panda bear. he is the third giant panda born at the zoo. >> i have to apologize -- [ joking ]
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just lettuce and tomatoes. stephanie tantillo is in the kitchen. >> palms and allah is an italian bread salad typically used using stale bread that is one-day-old and in season produce a together. it is a great way to make use of-day-old bread. it is summertime. and we have so much at the end of the summer. we took to bother bread and put that. along said that, we grilled so first, nectarines and peaches. we have a little bit of butter. they will grill a little differently. the peaches will grill right away because they don't have as much moisture. you want to pay attention to those. we took them off of the grill, chopped them up and let them cool a little bit for handling them. and we let them cool so that moisture it is not just still
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right here in this bowl. so we will add some blueberries. we have some honey, which we will drizzle on top like this. it will take the place of the olive oil. and then some meyer lemon juice. they are incredibly sweet. they don't have the typical tying units of regular lemons. just like that and we are done. it is a great dessert. to make it look nice, we put some mint on p i will eat it right out of the bowl. i am stephanie tantillo everyone thanks for watching. >> it is so sweet. >> talking about sweet good news for all of you girl scout cookie lovers, the organization is introducing these new stores cookies. and a variety includes two versions on the right. a crispy graham cracker dipped in icing, covered in chocolate. the other is a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with chocolate
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the new cookies will be kept -- will be held in select markets during the 2017 cookie season. it is 6:22 a.m. slashed by a stranger on long island. two teenagers seriously injured while walking home. the search for the attacker. and in the hunt for the wild-card spot. highlights from the win in san francisco. this is cbs2 news sunday morning. i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke.
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or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. beautiful live picture of central park. it is 6:25 a.m. 77 degrees. kind of a little bit like yesterday. some relief on the way. elise finch will tell you will let -- when that will start up. we will talk sports. the yankees spoil a milestone celebration. >> in the ninth inning, albert pujols hit his 583rd home run.
6:26 am
comeback with the outstanding catches including this great leaping catch by brett gardner. the yankees go on to win 5-1. >> here is steve overmyer with your cbs2 sports update. >> the mets have been fading from playoff contention ever since the trading deadline. that is where they dealt for bruce hoping to produce what cespedes did last year. but as a iet, bruce is only getting 176. he had the day off yesterday to clear his head. the mets trying to get back to san francisco, the return of cespedes has given the mets what they have been lacking at the plate. an rbi double in the first. and in the third, a solo shot as the mets build a 3-0 lead over san francisco. they say hitting is contagious. new york rally for four more runs in the sixth. and getting started again. 7-2 mets. but new york's heartbeat is cespedes.
6:27 am
team in average home runs and rbis. even though he missed the last two and half weeks. the second of the game. twenty-fourthth of the season. the mets take on the giants 9- 5. they are five games back in the wild-card. for cbs2 sports, i'm steve overmyer. have a great day. a team of ocean researchers are hoping to learn more about shark pops. the two white shark pups named in montauk and hudson were tagged and released off the coast of long island. the tags will allow scientists to track their movements up and down the coast for the next them understand the new york sea escape. up next, the top stories. magdalena doors is following breaking news uptown. >> reporter: the crime scene spans five blocks on lenox avenue. an innocent bystander is dead. more on the violence that broke out in harlem overnight. a bulldog survives after
6:28 am
underground for days. video of the amazing rescue. this is cbs2 news sunday morning. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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right now, breaking news. bullets fly in harlem overnight kill we're live as police investigate three different shootings over the span of five blocks. a body near a baseball field. a man speaks out about making the disturbing risk -- disturbing discovery along long island. a beautiful live picture. there is a stormy ending on the way. good morning. it is 6:30 a.m., sunday, august 21. i am win. >> i'm cindy hsu. first, here is elise finch with
6:31 am
>> a beautiful start to the day. and it interesting end to the day. a cold front pushing across the area. showers and thunderstorms are expected, pretty widespread. unlike the rain yesterday. let's start with temperatures. 76 degrees in central park. same for fairfield. and lyndon, cooler by 1 degree. sixtys for liberty, sussex and toms river at 63 degrees. the dew point is high. it is warm and d it is 72 in babylon. and 71 for central park. we are warm and muggy. expecting showers and thunderstorms. a little shower activity this morning already. and the main event, off to the west in connection with a cold front. that moves in this afternoon. high today, 84 degrees with humidity feeling -- making it feel more like 89 degrees.
6:32 am
associated showers and thunderstorms get closer, we will see the rain moves in. very heavy at times this afternoon and this weekend. clearing out tomorrow making for a beautiful day. all the details about that coming up in the full forecast. two breaking news. a violent night in harlem turns deadly. police are investigating multiple shootings in a span of just a few hours. >> this morning, at least one person is dead. magdalena doris joins us live from harlem with the latest. >> reporter: at the center of the violence. it happened here in harlem overnight. five blocks were covered in crime scene tape as police investigated. and this morning, police are looking for at least three armed suspects. >> police are investigating three separate shootings all on lenox avenue. overnight, officers monitored the scene at 139th street. police using cups and bottles
6:33 am
nobody was hurt at the scene. just two blocks away, on 142nd, two men were shot in the lake at 1:45 a.m. police say a 24-year-old was taken to harlem hospital in state -- in stable condition. a second victim arrived at the hospital on his own a short time later. two hours earlier at 1:44 on lenox avenue, a 61-year-old woman was shot in the neck and killed. police say the victim, odessa sims, gunned down on the corner at 11:45 p.m. saturday night. police do not believe any of these shootings are related. nobody has been arrested or charged in these incidents. in harlem, magdalena doris, cbs2 news. we're following developing news on long island where a man found a body near a baseball field. we have more on the gruesome discovery. >> taking his routine walk through green lawn parker early
6:34 am
his son made a gruesome discovery. >> he looked like he had sneakers on and his feet were pointing toward the pitcher's mound. >> a man's body, below this street, that suffolk county police are investigating -- they say it is a homicide. they say he had cuts and such as all over. >> i thought the guy just had a rough night. and was nursing his hangover off. his legs were crossed. it did not look like he was in >> another dog walker saw the body about a half-hour later and called police around 7:00 a.m. they shut down the popular park saturday as investigators searched for clues. >> officers responded to a 911 call. they contacted the homicide squad. >> a popular family spot and little league field, greenlawn park is practically known for safety. >> kids everywhere, families playing. my sun -- my son plays little league there.
6:35 am
i have never heard of a murder like that in greenlawn. >> it remained deserted into saturday evening even after police were gone. parents say this murder mystery is giving them goosebumps. >> it has never been unsafe. it is scary. >> my kids now have to play in a ball field where there is a dead body found. >> police are urging anyone with information to come forward. also on long island this morning, police a teenage boys. this happened friday night. police say 15-year-old edwin andrade and his friend, who was also 15 years old, were taking a shortcut on a dirt pathway through the woods to get home. but before making it out, the boys say someone attacks in with a knife. both of them were slashed all over their bodies.
6:36 am
no kid deserves to be hurts like that. >> both of them suffered serious injuries. they are being treated at stony brook hospital. one person hurts while riding a roller coaster at six flags, new jersey. a spokesperson says one of the guests was hit in the face by an unknown object friday. the guest was on the el tour a wooden roller coaster. the coaster was shut down for inspection and reopen yesterday morning. the person was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. ru are now in effect in new york city. there are no longer required to understand english. in order to get a license. cbs2's brian conybeare has reaction from cabdrivers and the passengers about this new taxi test. >> new york city has long been known as a melting pot. and the cabbies are no different. >> where are you from originally? >> pakistan. >> india. >> bangladesh. >> liberia. >> in fact, according to the
6:37 am
drivers across the city come from 167 different countries. and only 4% were born in the united states. >> taxi drivers will no longer have to take a written english language exam to get a license. something some passengers say is crazy. >> how do you tell somebody something if they can't speak english? >> people should have to speak english. how do you follow directions? >> all the yellow cabdrivers he spoke with outside >> we need to communicate with the customers. >> you have to speak the language so you can understand in order to serve them properly. >> a spokesman for the mayor says the changes about helping newly arrived immigrants get jobs. and he told cbs2 the city and that tlc are "developing an education program that exposes all drivers to industry- specific english without
6:38 am
new yorkers expect expect". >> but competition from a based services like uber is also an issue. >> -- from app based services like uber is also an issue. >> thankfully, most cabbies have gps to get you where you are going. reporting from times square, brian conybeare, cbs2 news. >> all cabbies will still be required to take a defensive driving course, a medical exam and pass a drug test before heads to the city for a good cause. the 1977 fire truck have served a borough for 38 years. now the truck is being donated to the fdny assistance unit. but the transaction was complicated because the truck had monetary value and could not just be given away. it ended up being put up for auction. the new jersey firefighters bid and bought it.
6:39 am
where it needed to go. miami takes action to stop the zika virus. and residents in louisiana were to get their lives back to normal after the floods -- the worst u.s. disaster since superstorm stand he -- superstorm sandy. and a bulldog pulled to safety after falling in a hole. first here is elise finch with the forecast. >> thing starting off nicely today. we do have a lot of clouds out there and scattered showers. for some nice hours before a cool front comes through and brings
6:40 am
6:41 am
a beautiful live picture. the sun is up.
6:42 am
77 degrees. welcome back. the fight to stop the spread of the zika virus is underway and one of florida's most popular beach destinations. crews sprayed for mosquitoes yesterday in miami beach. five new cases of zika virus have been connected to mosquitoes in the area. crews are also on the streets dropping pesticides in storm drains and checking for standing water, a breeding ground for mosquitoes. >> we cannot downplay this. i know that if we work together, and get our governor to work with us, we can get this done. >> zika virus has been translate -- transmitted in the wynwood arts district. twenty-six cases not related to travel outside the u.s. the government has reached a settlement with a former navy seal involved in the raid that killed osama bin laden. matthew bissonnette had written a book about this. the government sued him for breach of contract saying he failed to submit a draft of the
6:43 am
matthew bissonnette has agreed to turn over all proceeds from the book to the government. right now the figure stands at nearly $7 million. president obama is expected to visit storm ravaged louisiana tuesday with a long road to recovery continuing. debris lined the streets as residents salvage what they could from flooded homes yesterday. at least 60,000 homes were damaged. thirteen people killed. search parties are still looking for survivors. rebuild, are looking for help. more than 100,000 people have registered for federal assistance. >> we had 6-12 inches of water depending are a -- on where you measured. our furniture -- all of our the plan says -- it was enough to ruin everything. >> a call center at the american red cross new york office was open friday to help field the large volume of emergency calls coming in.
6:44 am
can find more information on our website, a delicate operation in california as firefighters raced to rescue a bulldog that was stuck down a 10-foot well, for 10 days. >> . >> firefighters in southern california pulled the 14-year- old english bulldog out of the hole. his owners did not even know it was there. the dog had been missing since wednesday. when firefighters arrived yesterday, mystery hole bigger and then lowered a firefighter head first to get the dugout. his owner is surprised he made it out of the house. >> he has not been in the backyard for a year. >> obviously, he is not on his last leg like i thought he was. >> the dog's owner says the dog had seven seizures last week. she thought he went off to die. but she says they are glad they are getting a second chance together.
6:45 am
to get out. >> you looked so pitiful when he got out. but he is alive. let's get the forecast. meteorologist elise finch has the latest on kind of a nice beginning. and a stormy wet end to the day. but there is a huge payoff afterwards, in terms of lower temperatures and lower humidity. something people are asking for. so we will get that. we just have to get through this. let's check with the weather watchers to see what is going on. 71 degrees. this is jean and north plainfield. she says sticky, moist, muggy and soggy. the humidity is high. and uncomfortable. we have dew point is already today that are in the 70s for many locations. a muggy start. clear in yonkers. the comment "looking okay right now. at least i can turn off the air
6:46 am
you might want to turn the air conditioner back on. let's look outside. see what we have going on. plenty of clouds. so the clouds kind of stay with us all day. cloudy skies. humid, to start. 76 degrees in the city. we have clouds and showers this morning. we're expecting thunderstorms as the head into the afternoon and evening hours as a cold front moves through. clearing west, to east. so we're going -- 4:00 p.m. until midnight -- things are active tomorrow. also, temperature relief. cooler temperatures. here is the humidity trend. approaching that oppressive levels today. so that is for sure. and then a huge drop in humidity for monday and tuesday. and then into the comfortable range. have not been there in a while it seems like. we will get there tomorrow. we do have a slight chance -- a marginal chance of seeing severe weather as the cold
6:47 am
western portion of the viewing area. so a little bit of shower activity this morning. most of the area, dry. still muggy or sticky. here is the cold front. significant activity along the frontal boundary. so tapping into the warm humid air mass. that is what we will do with today. here comes the cold front -- sweeping and all the way. first, we have to deal with the showers and thunderstorms. we're talking gus some heavy rain. we got some significant totals yesterday. especially on long island. we could see additional big numbers today as the system moves through. especially as we get some thunderstorms. that moves everything out. humidity relief, dry temperatures -- excuse me, lower temperatures. decreased humidity for monday. so a little were easy. i think monday will be a really beautiful day. i would call it even refreshing
6:48 am
dry air mass in place. cool temperatures. wednesday, we start to warm up a bit. today, 84 degrees. so temperatures in the upper 70s to the upper 80s. it will be 84, in central park. when you factor in the humidity, the 84 degrees will feel more like 89 degrees. if you are heading to the beach, 80-84 on the sand. water temperature 73 -79. moderate risk of lightning and a moderate risk of rip currents if you're heading to the beach today. cooler. 74-78. still muggy. mostly cloudy. not be safe from the thunderstorms there as the cool front is moving in from the west. so everybody is likely to be impacted. eighty-four and humid today. thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. tomorrow, much different. lower temperatures, lower humidity. cooler wednesday. still a dry air mass in place. feeling good. then we get some humidity thursday, and friday.
6:49 am
so today, get out early. a beautiful morning. >> not bad. and an interesting this afternoon and evening. >> be prepared. turning to sports, the yankees spoil a milestone celebration for the angels. >> angels. >> in the ninth inning, albert pujols, hit his 50083rd home run. he is taught -- 583nd home run. the yankees let them know room for a comeback. and this great leaping catch by brett gardner. the yankees go on to win 5-1. here is steve overmyer with the rest of your cbs2 sports update. >> the new york mets have been wanting playoff contention since the deadline. that is where they dealt for jay bruce who is helping to produce with cespedes did. but he is only hitting 176 as a met. have a day off yesterday to clear his head.
6:50 am
you have to admit, the return of cespedes has given the mets the punch they have been lacking at the plate. he had an rbi double in the first. and then a solo shot in the third. the mets had a 3-0 lead over the giants. they say hitting is contagious. and new york rallied for four more runs in the six. it is 7-2 new cespedes. he still leads the team in average home runs and rbis even though he did miss the last two and half weeks. the mets take on the giants 9- 5. they are five games back in the wild-card. >> for the second straight week, the giants looked sloppy and unprepared to killed -- to play nfl caliber football. the coach told reporters at the half, he couldn't find any positives.
6:51 am
the game in buffalo, was that there were no major injuries. but the team's psyche still took lump sum the field. eli manning and beckham junior failed in the preseason debut. only 32 yards to show for this. by comparison, the defense looks better. not by much. and rex ryan's squad would jump out to a 20-nothing lead at the break. there was no silver lining in this one. nothing to hang there were interceptions, fumbles, missed chip shots. the giants get shut out in buffalo 21-0. for cbs2 sports, i am steve overmyer. have a great day. it is 6:51 a.m. he is the flavor of the late show. >> after the break, or a one- on-one with stephen colbert's music man. this is cbs2 news sunday
6:52 am
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6:54 am
it looks jury out there. -- dreare out there. >> it was sunny and nice before. >> i like the other shot. >> this is a shot from the empire state building. we will show you more clear shots as the morning goes on. it is 6:54 a.m. 77 degrees. welcome to cbs2 news. the late show with stephen colbert got a lot of and republican convention. >> the show has been a lot of buzz from the start because of stephen colbert's choice of bandleaders. we caught up with a very musical jon batiste. >> ? ? [ music ] ? ?. >> do you just break out in song in the middle of the street? >> you have to do your thing. >> people look at you funny?
6:55 am
>> it is hard not to love. the major send -- the musician and composer jon batiste and his band, hit the streets for what they call it love right. >> a love riots is a street parade that can happen anywhere. >> they are his way of bringing a classy new orleans street parade to the people of new york city. >> they may not have have the ability to see us at carnegie hall or something like that. >> and now, he is sharing his music with millions as the bandleader for the late show with stephen colbert. >> i love that sound. it is jon batiste. >> did you have this image of what you wanted in a bandleader ? or has he completely blown and out of the water? >> in some ways, he is something new and a throwback
6:56 am
there hasn't take a big jazz sound on one of these shows in a long time. >> the rising bandleader jon batiste. plus more stories all ahead on cbs2 news sunday morning beginning at nine right here on cbs2. i want him to come to my block and do a street parade. >> what is funny is -- in new york -- it is awesome. >> it is something new. he is different. it is 6:56 a.m. rent. a warning for renters. we will check on the top stories. and the forecast with elise finch. all ahead when cbs2 news sunday
6:57 am
6:58 am
three different shootings just five blocks apart. details of the violent night in
6:59 am
a family tragedy in queens. a woman has to court this morning to face charges for the murder of her 9-year-old stepdaughter. and ryan lochte speaks out. with the olympic swimmer -- blaming himself. good morning. coming up on 7:00 a.m. sunday, august 21. the top stories are straight ahead. let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist elise finch. >> starting out decent. >> we do have a lot of clouds. and certainly the humidity is up. we're seeing a little sunshine in some locations. the clouds stay with us all day. we had showers and even thunderstorms to the max as the day moves on. currently, 76 degrees in central park. same for newark. and 77 for bayshore.
7:00 am
the humidity is up across the board. whatever the temperature is, tack on a few degrees. we have seen some showers already this morning. and we will see more significant rain as the day moves on. you can make out most of the cold front there if you look around buffalo. you can see the shower and thunderstorm activity. it is in advance of the cold front. today, the forecast degrees. we had that close to 3:00 in the afternoon. with humidity, the 84 will feel like 89. we are expected to get into the showers and thunderstorms. the rain could be heavy at times. stays with us for several hours. the good news is, tomorrow, we get some relief. i will have more coming up in a bit. now to the breaking news. violence breaks out in harlem overnight leaving at least one person dead. >> police are investigating multiple shootings in a span of


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